At KTX, we want you to the transport of your goods also be simple, direct and secure as possible. Thanks to our design offices based in Roncq (59) and Monaco (98), we can meet all your exceptional convoy projects, anywhere in Europe, up to 120 tons.

A team of experienced professionals using the most efficient software study the technical possibilitiesin order to implement your goods on our trailers 

After this study, our technicians on the road will take care of measure and verify which route will be the most suitable for the passage of the exceptional convoy. Thanks to our network of European partners, we can respond to all your requests for exceptional transport in Europe.


In accordance with the regulations, transports exceeding certain dimensions and weights require a pilot car escort in the interests of road safety.

To facilitate the transport of exceptional convoys, we operate our own private KTX escort vehicles, licensed and equipped with the latest standards. Each escort vehicle is equipped with signalling, light bars and radio communication to ensure direct contact with drivers of abnormal loads and improve safety on the road network.

We have our heavy-duty assistance vehicle, capable of troubleshooting our vehicles quickly anywhere in Europe. It is equipped with the necessary equipment to also dismantle industrial machinery or public works.

Our areas of intervention