Escort & assistance


According to the regulations, transports exceeding certain dimensions and weights require a pilot car escort in the interest of road safety. 
To facilitate the transport of exceptional convoys, we operate our own private KTX escort vehicles, licensed and equipped with the latest standards. Each escort vehicle is equipped with signalling, light bars and radio communication to ensure direct contact with drivers of abnormal loads and improve safety on the road network.


We are able to operate in the following countries: Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Austria

to assist our customers with the dismantling of their construction machinery or industrial installation, thanks to our 24/24 assistance service

our experienced technicians will always find a suitable solution to fit your goods to road gauges wherever they are


  • Fully compliant vehicles
  • Experienced staff 
  • In-depth knowledge of the European network 
  • Communication between the driver and the escort 
  • 24-hour reliable service
  • GPRS tracking for up-to-the-minute information and location